Overcoming Failure


You were sure you had it going.   You knew all the steps, you made all the right moves.  Nothing could go wrong.

Except it did.  You walked into work and found a pink slip in your mailbox.  The big project you’ve been working on just fell to pieces.  The relationship you’ve been building for years just went south.

Failure… We all hate it when it happens.  Sometimes it’s unpredictable, other times the clues were right there, but we ignored them.  Either way, failure isn’t fun.  It’s depressing, and it makes you want to give up.

Even God’s best people can fail at times.  Joshua certainly did.  His failure cost him the lives of 36 of his best warriors.   In the midst of failure, God revealed to Joshua some problems he needed to overcome so he could be victorius in his mission.

Come find out what causes failure in God’s eyes, and how to overcome our failures with success, in: Journey of Faith: Overcoming Failure 

Sunday at 10am!

See you there!

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Overcoming Obstacles


Obstacles!  We all run into them once in a while.  Sometimes they’re tiny.  Other times they are so huge that they overwhelm us.   Solutions are few and difficult, and barring a breakthrough, we may just turn around and give up.

God has plans for our journey… and sometimes those plans hit up against tremendous obstacles.   Joshua learned this when he came up against the city of Jericho, which was blocking his path forward to the Promised Land.

How can we faithfully navigate the obstacles that drop into our path?

Come join us this week as we tackle things that try to derail us in:
Journey of Faith: Overcoming Obstacles

Sunday at 10am!

See you there!

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Which Way Do We Go?


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
and sorry I could not travel both.
And be one traveler, long I stood,
and looked down one as far as I could
to where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other just as fair…

I shall be telling this with a sigh,
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

Decisions, decisions!   How do we make the right decisions to stay on the path (some call it “The Life”) that God calls us to take?   How do we even begin the Journey?   What happens if we get lost… and how do we get back on track when we do?

Joshua (Moses’ understudy) had to learn the answer to all these questions after God made him the lead man to take the Israelites into the Promised Land.   

We can learn a lot about our own journey from Joshua’s successes, and his mistakes!  

Come join us this week as we begin a new Series: Journey of Faith

 This Week:  How to Get There From Here  –   Sunday at 10am!

See you there!

Pastor Mac

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Are there bouncers in heaven?


Ah yes, the bouncer.   He’s the bad looking dude standing outside a popular watering hole, checking your creds.  If you’re carrying a fake ID, wearing the wrong clothes, or just look like trouble… you’re likely to get tossed from the party.

Jesus once told a story about a bouncer (I’m not kidding!) who threw someone out of God’s Wedding Banquet.  You’ve no doubt heard about the man thrown into a place of ‘much weeping and gnashing of teeth’.  Yikes!

Some of Jesus’ parables are fun.  Some are strange.  This one is downright scary.  

With references to the King’s hit squads destroying rebellious people, and a fellow tossed out of heaven for not meeting the dress code, the parable of the Great Banquet (Mt 22:1-14) is among the toughest in the New Testament.

Will God’s people have to get past a big, ugly bouncer at the celebration?  
Do we have the right “attire”, so we can avoid attracting attention?  

Are you trying to get into God’s party with a fake ID?

We’ll sort out the mystery of the Great Banquet –   Sunday at 10am!
See you there!

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Where’s Your Goal Post?

Goal postBack in my high school days the sport of football ruled the roost.  Storefronts in town were awash in blue and gold waterpaint throughout the fall.  The Poultney Blue Devils (yes, I know…) were fierce, and we consistently won the state championship!   

Ok… that’s not exactly true.  That’s more like how I would like to remember it. Truth is, we stunk at football.

We were however, good at tearing down our rival’s goalpost.    

One year, before the “Big Game” (think: Falmouth/Greely) a bunch of guys snuck over to the neighboring town and yanked down their goalpost.  Probably not the brightest move… but it had a tremendous symbolism.  The next day when the news got out, all the kids did their best to look shocked and concerned… but inside, we were cheering.    

Jesus drove into town with one big purpose in mind: To rip down our goalpost, and replace it with one of his own.   

Keep him from doing that, and you’ll end up with a milk-toast Messiah, who is as effective in your life as wrinkle cream on a bulldog.

Are you playing offense for Jesus, or defense for your goal?  How can you switch teams?   

Find out more in “Where’s Your Goalpost”  Sunday at 10am!
See you there!

Read Ahead: This Sunday’s text:  Philipians 3:7-14

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after-losing-66-pounds-runner-wins-a-135-mile-ultramarathon-through-the-hottest-place-on-earthFor Runners, it’s getting out there every morning for that long run.
– For Music students, it’s practicing an instrument faithfully every day.
– For Dieters, it’s staying out of the refrigerator and away from the Nacho platters.

Discipline is often the real key to success.   Stick with something, and the results will follow.

Being a disciple of Jesus requires a fair amount of (you guessed it!) discipline.

It’s easy to find reasons to skip Sunday worship, or cut short a prayer time or devotional.   Those that practice regular, corporate, worship and prayer tend to experience a closer relationship with God.

Put briefly:  If you want to grow in Faith… you’ll need some personal discipline!

Come find out more in “Discipline Matters”

The final message in the series “Small Things, Big Differences”.

This Sunday at 10!

Come in jeans and comfortable shoes this Sunday
We’re going Apple Picking!
(rescheduled from last Sunday)


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Words that Hurt, Words that Heal

“NUTS!”   – was the reply from General Anthony McAuliffe to the German commander at Bastogne, Belgium in 1944.

The one word response to a demand of surrendur became a rallying point for the Americans.  They held off the German Infantry who had surrounded their position, and went on to win the war in Europe.

Words are powerful.  They can rally people together, or create angry mobs.   A good word can bring someone up… a bad one can crush a soul.

In God’s realm, a few words can create a universe.

How can we use words that reflect our heritage as sons and daughters of the most High God?   Come find out!

“Words that Hurt, Words that Heal” – Part 3 of “Small Things, Big Differences”.

This Sunday at 10!

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