Classes cancelled for Financial Peace University due to the Blizzard


0e735539_header--life-learning--financial-peace-university         Classes will resume on the following Tuesday;  stay safe!


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Jonah, Experiencing Grace

87192e13-ae3e-4d90-9373-c6da2573819ePart 3 – Sackcloths and Ashes

The biggest fashion rage right now is LL Bean boots.   Not the fancy ones, but the ones like your grandfather used to wear.  Those boots!   Apparently wearing a 100 year old design of boots is a way to tell the world “I’m hip!”.  Go figure!

Faced with a fierce judgement from God, the Ninevites (aka: the bad guys) stripped to their skivvies, put on sackcloths, and sat in the dirt.   This was a fashion statement of it’s own:  “We screwed up, and we’re really sorry.”   Funny part was… it worked.  God “relented” and called off the whole thing.

This week we’ll talk about some famous people who went to extremes to find forgiveness… and whether we should keep a few sackcloths handy for ourselves. Hopefully not!

See you in Worship!  ~ Pastor Mac

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Experiencing Grace Part 2

Jonah: Experiencing Grace

Part 2 – The Belly of the Fish87192e13-ae3e-4d90-9373-c6da2573819e

Click.  The lights go out.  One minute everything is fine, the next.. utter darkness.   No television.  No wifi.  Not even the hum of the refrigerator to fill the void.

Blackouts are a lot of fun at first.
But after a few hours, it wears on you. There’s nothing to do.  Everyone gets quiet.  Soon its just you and your thoughts.

Jonah gets to spend three days alone with his thoughts, which is part of God’s work of redemption for him.   Out of this solitude comes a fully renewed sense of his life’s purpose.

What would God say to you if you spent a few hours alone… just you and Him?   What would you say to Him?  How might that change your sense of the meaning of your life?

We’ll explore those questions and more this Sunday.

See you in Worship!  ~ Pastor Mac

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Jonah: Experiencing Grace!


AKA: Staying Out Of the Whale’s Belly

We’ve all done it at times.  God says: “Go left”, so we turn to the right.  God says “Let’s talk”, we say “Not today”.   God says “Come see me” and we run like heck.

We’ve all been Jonah.  We’ve had times when we’ve done our best to not listen to what God saying.  None of us have been swallowed by a whale… but God has other ways of getting our attention.

This Sunday begins a four part series on everyone’s favorite renegade: Jonah.   Come and explore those difficult, rebellious times when all we want is to put some distance between us and God.

Be sure to bring your life preserver.

See you this Sunday!   ~ Pastor Mac

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Share Your Story


Whether you have been at our church since you were a child or you just discovered us, share how West Falmouth Baptist Church has changed your life. Tell us how you have grown as a follower of Christ, how the fellowship is so uplifting or you just have fun with us (WFBC).  Fill in the form below and we’ll publish them on a special “Stories” page.

Thank you


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