Living Like the Big Guy!

Labor-Day-Weekend-copy3It’s Labor Day Weekend!  Summer’s last hoorah!

If you’re out and away this weekend, I urge you to savor every second of the blessing that is Summer in Maine.   Soak up the beach, enjoy a picnic with family, have a hamburger from the grill, and relax!

For those who feel called to give thanks to the One who created all this…  then we’ve got a great worship service ready for you!

We’ll start with extra praise songs, go deep in prayer, hear a great messageproclaimed on what it means to live as a follower of Jesus,  then partake in the bread and the cup.

Praise, Pray, Proclaim, & Partake.   A good rhythm of worship awaits this Sunday!

Chocolate Chip pancakes…  a blessing for our teachers and Sunday School Kids… and brand new Life Groups, all of these things are coming in the weeks ahead.
You’re invited to come this Sunday and prepare yourself for the journey with your friends and neighbors.

Living Like the Big Guy.  This Sunday at 10am.   See you there!  

~ Pastor Mac 

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What Does God Want From Me?

basic-training-title-slide“Wait… I didn’t sign up for this!”   Words like those came to mind as my drill instructor rousted me out of bed at 3:30 am on a hot July morning, many summers ago.   Having arrived at Fort Sill just a day or two earlier, I was expecting some kind of “break in” period.   I wanted a little time to get used to the place.  Maybe a chance to look around, do some sightseeing…

That’s not the way it worked, of course!   The US Army had other plans.  Like everyone else I groaned as we headed outside for two hours of physical training (PT), followed by a nice, long, run.  It was official:  I had joined the service, and from here on out my life was not my own.

Do you suppose that God sometimes wants to roust us out of our drowsiness and remind us that our lives are not really ours, but His?

Paul thought so.  In Romans 12 he tells us that God has real purposes for us, that he is pressing us into His service…  and that the gifts and talents that we thought were for our benefit are to be submitted to His will.  We are to become, as Paul puts it, a “living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God”.

How’s your life of sacrifice going?  Have you asked God lately if you’re doing what he intended for your life?

Come and find out how God has called you and me to become “A Living Sacrifice” for His purposes!

Your Life, God’s Life.  This Sunday at 10am.   See you there!
~ Pastor Mac


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Rally Gathering Sunday

UnknownSeptember 14th , 2014, 9am

Come join us for a great breakfast and entrainment.    Our own  juggler, Jacob M will juggle with FIRE!  For breakfast we’ll have Chocolate Chip Pancakes, bacon, sausage, a fruit and a drink, all for FREE!  We’ll conclude with our worship service and Sunday School, don’t miss it!

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Life on Deck Tonight, Our Last One This Year!!

modern-patio-decks-decorating-ideas-modelWe will be gathering  August, 21st, at Stuart and Sarah B’s home in North Yarmouth.  This will be a time for good food and a time to talk about life.  We will meet  at 6pm.  Bring a dish to share and a friend.

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God Surprises Us

Whether it’s dinner reservations at 8, or an oil change next Friday, we love for things to happen according to our well planned schedule.  

God however, has a frustrating habit of showing up when He’s least expected.  


Noah didn’t plan for rain… until God told him he’d better start building a boat.   Moses never realized (as he brushed his teeth one morning) that by nightfall his days as a sheep herder would be over.  Ditto for Peter and his fishing career.  


How rude of God to just pop in unannounced like that.


We love to plan when to meet God.  Sunday at 10am works for me.  But God is pretty good at surprising us with his own plans.   What are we to do then… when God shows up unexpectedly in our lives?  Are our lives conducive to a surprise visit?


Find out… This Sunday at 10am, of course!


- Pastor Mac


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Bigger Gardens

vegetable-garden-590ls052410-1274726384My garden is a bit small this year… Just two large pots, each holding a tomato plant and a pepper plant. There were simply too many other projects going on in May to take the time to create something larger. I will certainly relish whatever comes from this tiny crop!

My neighbors, on the other hand, have planted a large garden, and already have enough lettuce to feed an army!

When Jesus sits in a boat and tells the crowd gathered on the shore about the Sower and the Soils, he has a host of ideas he is trying to convey. One of the more prominent themes to emerge is that of a generous planter. Not only does God plant seeds (representing the Good News from which the Kingdom will sprout) into good soil, he scatters them virtually everywhere: Onto the path, onto rocky soil, in weedy places.

Perhaps much of the success of the early church results from this generous posture… God doesn’t seem to pre-qualify who should get the Good News… He just sends it flying everywhere, to all kinds of folks. Much of it fails to produce fruit. But that which sprouts and thrives produces bumper crops!

Are we that generous with the Good News? Should we be? To those who have ears to hear… Come and listen!

~ Pastor Mac

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Thinking about God?  You’re not alone!   We here at West Falmouth Baptist Church are here to help you connect with a community of friends from Falmouth, Yarmouth, Westbrook, Portland, and Cumberland who are all on the same journey.   We have a blended worship (which means contemporary praise music and traditional hymns) that appeals to people from every generation.    The Message is always relevant, fresh and Christ centered.  Children enjoy  Sunday School (ages 4 to 12), which runs at the same time as worship.  Childcare is provided for younger children, toddlers and infants.

Worship begins at 10 am.  All are welcome to join us!

Blessings – Pastor Mac

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