We all need priorities in life. What are yours?

We all need priorities…  It’s how we keep our life in order.   Imagine living even a single day without them.  What would you do first?  Eat breakfast?  Go to work?  Put on your shoes?     We are constantly setting priorities… even when we don’t realize it!

Following Jesus also means setting priorities.   Which things are most important?   That’s a question Jesus answered for us.

Come learn the most important priorities in the life of a Christian… this weekend!

See you Sunday!

– Mac

Christmas is beautiful, but it isn’t always easy…

Christmas-300x216Lights!   I have lots of Christmas lights.   Clear ones, mostly… my wife prefers white lights glowing on the tree.   But I also have my secret stash of colorful bulbs, those big old red and green ones that burn your fingers when you touch them.

Unfortunately they’re all still in our Christmas box, resting in tangled masses.  I haven’t had the time to get them up.  It’s arduous work, climbing up and down ladders to hang Christmas lights.  Maybe this Saturday…

Christmas is beautiful, but it isn’t always easy.

Along that same line:  There’s a reason why there are no bubbly Christmas songs about Joseph.    His is a difficult journey to the stable.   Joseph must make some tough choices to ensure Jesus will come from King David’s family tree.

Following God’s plan is beautiful, but it isn’t always easy.

This Sunday we’ll dig into that other Christmas story…. the one where we see the birth of Jesus through Joseph’s eyes.  It isn’t the easiest journey… but it culminates in a beautiful thing: The birth of the child who’s come to save his people.

Come and help us celebrate things both ancient and new this Advent.

See you Sunday!

– Mac

Be Brilliant!  Read Matthew 1:18-25 by clicking here.

Mary… I’ve got something to tell you.

089665ca-eddf-4a79-93ed-6b354f66d0fcThat’s pretty much sums up the introduction of the greatest news in history, news that changed Mary’s life in a heartbeat.   Nine months later that news would change the life of every person ever born, including yours and mine (though only a few shepherds knew it at the time!).
The angel informing Mary of her role in God’s plan of Salvation is a magnificent example of something that occurs again & again in scripture:  
God accomplishes great things through ordinary people.    

What’s our part to play in God’s work of restoring Creation?  Do we even have a role?  Or are we called simply to be spectators of God’s redeeming work?   (Hint: The answer may be:  “All of the above”)

All these questions arise as we celebrate the announcement that changed the world forever:  Mary is with child!

Come and help us celebrate things both ancient and new.

See you Sunday!

– Pastor Mac

Advent & Baptism… So much is happening this Sunday!

Advent & Baptism…

So much is happening this Sunday!

It’s the first Sunday of Advent.   The church will be all decorated for the season (I hope you’ll join us for the “Hanging of the Greens” party on Saturday evening!)  We’ll be lighting an Advent Candle during worship and digging into Isaiah’s prediction of a coming savior.   Our praise team will be leading us in music that turns our hearts towards Bethlehem.

We’re also celebrating a baptism and voting on / welcoming two new members!
It promises to be a great day of worship.   Come and help us celebrate things both ancient and new.

See you Sunday!

– Mac

What are you Thankful for this year?

Here we go… plunging toward the highest calorie meal of the entire year.   I recently read an article that linked each item on a typical Thanksgiving table with the distance you’ll need to walk to burn off those calories.   It’s quite sobering, to say the least!

– Glass of Eggnog: 8071 steps
– 1 Cracker with Cheese: 1647 steps  (Just one!)
– 6 oz of Turkey: 8000 steps
– 1/2 cup of Stuffing: 4235 steps
– Slice of Pecan Pie: 11294 steps

Yikes!  Pass the salad, please!

Thanksgiving is more than calories.  It’s a time to say thanks to God.   Thanks for what we have.  Thanks for the ways we’ve seen him move in our lives.  Thanks for his Son.

This Sunday we’ll focus on being thankful people.   You’ll have an opportunity (though it’s not mandatory by any means) to briefly share about blessings you’re thankful for this year.

Join us in giving thanks.   This Sunday at 10am.

Peace ~ Pastor Mac

One more thing…

We’ve spent the last few weeks learning what it takes to live a Distinct life for Jesus.  So now we’re all set, right?   We’ve got our faith-lives running smoothly.  We’re reading scripture every day.  We’re showing the world that we’re following Jesus.  We’ve got this!

Wait a moment.  The Apostle John said there was still one more thing we needed to do in order to live Distinctly for Jesus.

What’s more… Jesus said that those who didn’t integrate this quality into their lives would find themselves out in the cold when His Kingdom arrived.   Skip this last part of “Living Distinctly” and you’re in dire straights.

What is it that is so critical to our life in Jesus that ignoring it can affect eternity?   Come this week and we’ll finish the puzzle of how to live a Distinct Life for Jesus.

See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Mac

Ever notice how easy it is to “hide” your faith at times?

60980f81-e58e-4a91-bf68-731f68f35798You’re out with friends who aren’t into the whole ‘church scene’.   Suddenly the conversation turns uncomfortable…  you want to say something to defend your views, but instead you simply smile and nod.  It’s much easier to hide your faith than to speak up and risk being chastised for being ‘old fashioned’.

Here’s the thing:  You can’t live “Distinctly” and not have people notice the difference.   The whole concept of “a private faith” is a myth.  If you’re really living for Jesus, people will know the difference!

Come this Sunday and learn how to take your faith out of the sanctuary and into your Monday thru Saturday world!

See you Sunday!

Be brilliant!    Read ahead!  Click here to read 1st John 3:1-10

Do you smell like Christ?

60980f81-e58e-4a91-bf68-731f68f35798A Question for you on this rainy Friday morning…

How can Jesus’ followers attain a life that is distinctly Christian… while still being engaged with the world around us?  How can we give off the aroma of Christ… while living in a world that can be pretty stinky at times?

Is it that even possible?

This Sunday we’ll tear into 1st John as we launch a new series called ‘Distinct’.   We’ll discover the Apostle’s instructions for living a Sacred life in an ‘anything goes’ world.   It seems that even way back then it was a challenge to live differently, while still living alongside others!

Is your life ‘distinct’ from your neighbor’s?

Let’s find out how to live distinctively for God.   See you this Sunday at 10am!

Be brilliant!   Click here to read chapter 1 in 1st John.

Have you taken the plunge?

c26905e7-ec0e-4689-8c99-4de7a1813bcfBaptism!   It’s important.   Baptism is how people say:  “I’ve decided to follow Jesus.”

No one is quite sure where baptism got started.  What we do know is that John the Baptist was splashing lots of people into the Jordan River as a sign of repentance when Jesus suddenly showed up and said: “Me, too”

John wasn’t awfully sure about that… but Jesus insisted that this was where it must all start.   Moments later his family showed up to affirm that Jesus was the real deal…  and Baptism became forever associated with new beginnings in Christ.

Have you been baptized?  It really is important.  We have someone in our midst who will be baptized next month.  See Pastor Mac this Sunday and we can talk about taking this important step in your faith!

And yes… we’ll have a good message as well!

See you Sunday at 10am!

Are you ready for the big question?

notable-and-famous-responsibility-quotes-u4This Sunday we’re wrapping up our series on Responsibility with a question:  What are our responsibilities to Jesus… and how will we respond when He ‘calls in our accounts’?

That’s a bigger question than it seems!  We like to think that following Jesus consists mostly of trusting Him and ‘keeping our noses clean’.  But there’s more to it than that.  Perhaps a lot more.

Jesus once told a parable to explain our responsibility to His Father’s Kingdom.   It was a story about three servants who were entrusted with a great fortune while the master was away.  Their response to the challenge tells us much about what Jesus expects of us while He is away…  our “response – ability” to the Kingdom of God.

Come this Sunday as we discern this final — and vitally important — piece of the puzzle.  What is our responsibility to Jesus?

See you Sunday at 10am!