Hymn Sing This Sunday At 6:30!

Christmas-musicCan’t get enough of your favorite Christmas hymns in church?  Come to our hymn sing where we’ll take request for hymns to be heard on our lovely organ and with some special guest soloists.  Sunday December 21st at 6:30pm, refreshments will be served after the hymn sing.

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Good Lord, You’re Pregnant!

089665ca-eddf-4a79-93ed-6b354f66d0fcPregnancy.  It’s a time of wonder, a time of excitement, a time of worry, and a time of hope, all wrapped up in one.

How much more so when you’re carrying the Hope of all humanity in your womb.

For the players in the story, this is all new territory.   Joseph hadn’t been engaged before, much less to a woman who was already pregnant.   Mary was a virgin in every sense of the word, and still was!  As for God…  even the Almighty Creator had never “put on skin” before.

What then, will this child be?  That question must have danced in Mary’s dreams for months.   We’ll answer that as best we can… with the help of a last minute angelic visit to Joseph.

Come, learn and experience the hopes and fears of Joseph and Mary as the big event draws near.

Join us for “Good Lord, You’re Pregnant!”
This Sunday at West Falmouth Baptist Church.

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Classes Start in January!


Register today to change the way you handle money, forever!

Go to our Financial Peace Page to more information and how to register.

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Desiring Christmas

550ea3e1-9dd8-4cd8-a275-3f5a9edd40d3There are a lot of things we desire this time of the year.   Some desire extravagant gifts to come their way!   Others long to see all the lights and decorations.  Some just desire the whole thing to be over with… Christmas is a hassle for them.

What do you desire most at this time of year?

Malachi spoke a prophecy somewhere around 400 years before Joseph and Mary tried to rent a room for the night… a prophecy about a coming Lord.   This visitor will be the “Lord you are seeking”, the one “whom you desire”.

Malachi wanted God’s people to know that the desires of their hearts would be met in the coming of Jesus Christ.   We’ll explore the deeper meaning of Malachi’s words… and how they impact us today… this Sunday at 10.

Join the faithful in Advent Worship!
This Sunday at West Falmouth Baptist Church.

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Special Music Events for Christmas

 Candlelight Service

christmas-eve-candlelight-service-543x245Our annual candlelight service will be on December 24th at 6pm.  This is a favorite service of the year for many and promises to bring you closer to Him.  Come hear beautiful Christmas music and the pastor’s message for all of us.

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Giving Thanks


This Sunday is a chance to give God thanks for everything He’s done in the past year.   Maybe He’s carried you through some deep, dark valley.   Maybe He’s lifted you to new heights of joy.

Maybe you’re like me and haven’t exactly figured life out yet, but you know for sure that God’s in the middle of it.

That’s ok too.

Come, learn about the importance of Serving (Joshua 24 – the final message from our series on The Journey);  then join us as we lay flowers on the table in Thanks for God’s Goodness!

Join us in Worship:  This Sunday at 10am

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Claiming The Mountaintop

Rock climber on the summit.

You’ve been on this Faith Journey for quite a while.   You’ve done pretty well in your quest to follow God!   Sure, there’s been a few mis-steps, the occasional setback… but with through the Grace of Christ you’ve survived them all.  Congratulations!

Now you can finally see the summit.  It’s the place God’s been leading your heart to all this time.   How do you claim that mountain?   Remember, the last part of any climb is always the hardest.

Joshua has some things to teach us about reaching the summit that God has led us to…

Join your fellow travelers for  “Claiming The Mountaintop.”

Join your friends and neighbors in Worship:  Sunday at 10am!

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Living Without Compromise


So you’re on the journey!  Things are going fine.  You’re tuned in to God… doing what He calls you to do.  This is great!

Then something comes along to muddy the waters.   Maybe it’s a person that’s a whole bucket of bad news.   Maybe it’s a distraction you don’t need in your life right now.   Maybe it’s something really tempting… something that’ll take your eye off God’s goals for you, if you embrace it (God has a pet name for stuff like that:  “Sin”) .

Joshua signed a bad deal with some folks as he journeyed to the Promised Land.   It got him into trouble, both personally and with God.

How do we avoid the tempting deals that throw us off God’s path?  What can we do when we find ourselves entangled in them?

Join your fellow travelers for  “Living without Compromise.”

A warm time of worship awaits you:  Sunday at 10am!

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Share Your Story


Whether you have been at our church since you were a child or you just discovered us, share how West Falmouth Baptist Church has changed your life. Tell us how you have grown as a follower of Christ, how the fellowship is so uplifting or you just have fun with us (WFBC).  Fill in the form below and we’ll publish them on a special “Stories” page.

Thank you


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Overcoming Failure


You were sure you had it going.   You knew all the steps, you made all the right moves.  Nothing could go wrong.

Except it did.  You walked into work and found a pink slip in your mailbox.  The big project you’ve been working on just fell to pieces.  The relationship you’ve been building for years just went south.

Failure… We all hate it when it happens.  Sometimes it’s unpredictable, other times the clues were right there, but we ignored them.  Either way, failure isn’t fun.  It’s depressing, and it makes you want to give up.

Even God’s best people can fail at times.  Joshua certainly did.  His failure cost him the lives of 36 of his best warriors.   In the midst of failure, God revealed to Joshua some problems he needed to overcome so he could be victorius in his mission.

Come find out what causes failure in God’s eyes, and how to overcome our failures with success, in: Journey of Faith: Overcoming Failure 

Sunday at 10am!

See you there!

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