40 Days – The Purpose of Prayer

The image above was snapped on United Airlines Flight 1175, as it was flying to Hawaii.   The passengers heard a loud bang, followed by a violent shaking of the aircraft.   A peek out the window revealed the starboard engine losing large pieces from its cowling.  (Video footage here) The plane shook again and again as huge shards of metal crashed into the wing, then tumbled slowly into the sea.

Passengers expected they would soon follow those tumbling shards.   I’ll bet they prayed something fierce!

It turns out that most aircraft can fly on just one engine.   They soon landed safely.   Still, it was a scary moment for sure.

Did the passengers discover the true purpose of prayer, to summon God in an emergency, much like Lois Lane calling Superman?

Perhaps.   But perhaps not.   What if “calling God to the rescue” (ala Jonah 2) is not really the purpose of prayer?  What if we’ve got it all wrong?

Just what is the purpose of prayer, anyhow?

Let’s gather together as a community of friends and neighbors to worship God and find answers about prayer.  Like it says on our header:  “Love, Pray, Serve… Together!”

See you this Sunday!  ~  Pastor Mac

Jump to the head of the class:  Read John 15:5-7, James 4:8, & Isaiah 30:18

Miss last Sunday’s message?   We’re experimenting with recording the message.  The audio is not perfect… but you can catch up with last Sunday’s message by clicking here.

Spiritual Maturity, Personal Growth, And Dilly Dilly.

The words “Dilly Dilly” have no literal meaning.   Irregardless, a popular beverage company has coined the phrase and made it wildly popular in only a matter of months.   Now you hear “Dilly Dilly” everywhere you go.  Welcome to the power of modern advertising.

Back when I was in high school the coolest thing to do on a Friday night was to show up at a party (often held at an abandoned slate quarry) with a large quantity of beer to share. Today I’m not a huge fan of malt beverages, though occasionally I’ll have one with my dinner.  Take it or leave it, It’s no big deal. Certainly not like it was in the days of my youth.

We all know that we’re supposed to mature as we get older.   That goes for our faith in Christ as well.   The Bible teaches that healthy Christians must strive to mature in their faith.  We shouldn’t look and act the same way year in and year out.  We’re supposed to change for the better.

This Sunday we’re starting a new series called “40 Days of Prayer”.   It’s patterned after a series created by Saddleback Church.  The purpose is to help us grow into spiritually mature adults…  something that’s increasingly rare in the world today.   Along the way we’ll discover how to have a rich prayer life.  Good prayer practices are essential to living as spiritually mature Christians.

I’m looking forward to starting this 40 day journey with you.  There’s a lot of good teaching ahead, and some fun moments as well.  Today more than ever the world needs to see what real maturity in Christ looks like.   I’ll hope you’ll join us.

See you this Sunday!  ~  Pastor Mac

Jump to the head of the class:  Read Hebrews 6:1

FEAR NOT – Facing Life With Courage

We’ve got a Super Sunday coming up!  After worship we’ll share a wonderful potluck meal together.  Our Annual Meeting follows, with some important discussions and a vote to purchase a new lift or ramp system.  It’s also the first Sunday of the month, so we’ll be celebrated the Lord’s Supper together!

This Sunday also wraps up our series on facing fear.  This week we’ll tackle the fear everyone shares to some degree:  The Fear of Dying.   How can our faith help us come to grips with the inevitable?  What happens when we die?   Can what Jesus tells up about the next life impact how we live this life?   Does it?

Come this Sunday as we seek God’s heart, wisdom, and reassurance:
Fear Not!  Facing Death With Courage.

See you Sunday!  ~  Pastor Mac

FEAR NOT – Facing Life With Courage

We all have things that frighten us, and we’re all pretty good at avoiding having to confront our fears.  For example: You’ll never find me keeping a pet tarantula in my office!   (Though no doubt it would thrill the kids from day care who make a weekly field trip to check on my goldfish aquarium!)

REJECTION rates highly on the list of things we all fear.   “Will they like me?”  We want others to accept us.   Sometimes we go to great lengths to meet the expectations of others around us.  How many dumb things did we do in high school to ‘fit in’  with our friends?

Coping with our Fear of Rejection by living for the opinion of others is not a healthy lifestyle.  We quickly become dependent on what others think of us.  Our moods fall and rise with every dinner invitation, every compliment or critique, even the number of ‘Likes’ we receive on Facebook.

What does Jesus say about Rejection?   Where (as Christians) does our true worth actually come from?   How can we conquer this fear and move ahead in faith and life?

Come this Sunday as we jump into part two of our series:
Fear Not!  Facing Life With Courage.

This week:  Facing Rejection

See you Sunday!  ~  Pastor Mac

Read Ahead: Proverbs 29:25