What’s Your Code?

16f4af1f-0c47-4f6a-98f8-4ba81eb67bd5What Code Do You Live By?

How are Jesus’ followers supposed to live their lives?   Should we avoid certain things everyone thinks of as “morally wrong”?  Who makes those decisions?  Years ago it was considered “wrong” for women to have a role in the church, yet I’ve met some fantastic women pastors!  What “codes” do we go by, as we try to follow Jesus?


The book of Ephesians contains what was known as “household codes”, written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Ephesus.  They were meant to guide the new Christians in their day to day living.   They are remarkably relevant to us as well!

Come this Sunday as we explore the “Christian Code” that governs our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

See you Sunday!

– Pastor Mac

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Jesus: on sale now


If Jesus were all about self promotion, he’d be a hit in any century.  Just look at the things he does:  Water turned into wine!  Bread multiplied to feed thousands!  Instant cures for whatever ails you!

Imagine a twenty-first century billboard advertising Jesus’ services, based on his most popular signs and miracles.  The phones would be ringing off the hook.

But all this “bling” can cloud our view of who Jesus is and why he came.  It can pull our faith into strange shapes.  It can even lead to something we never expected from following Jesus: Disappointment.

Do your expectations of Jesus line up with the reality of the living, breathing, resurrected Messiah?    How should we portray Jesus to others?   Why should our friends “buy in” to Jesus?

To play off the mantra of those famous Saturday afternoon infomercials:  “But wait, there’s less!”

Come meet Jesus without the bling, and see if he’s truly the Messiah that we’ve bargained for…

— This Sunday at 10:00

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Pray Until Something Happens



Join with us to pray for our church’s growth.

See Linda F for meeting times.

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