Living in Difficult Days

war“When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed”

Jesus said these words to the disciples as they stood on Mount Olivet, a beautiful rise overlooking Jerusalem.

The Mount of Olives gave them a fine view of the Temple in Jerusalem, which was the pride and joy of the Jewish people.  Jesus prophesied that the temple would soon lie in ruins, and that this was only the beginning of troubles to come.

Sometimes the people & things we rely on the most are lost in an instant.   We walk away from these moments dazed and confused.  Jesus said such things would happen.  And yet, there’s a promise behind it all.

Come and learn about what Jesus said lies ahead, and what hopes we can hold on to when we hear of “Wars and Rumors of Wars”

“Living in Difficult Days” – This Sunday at 10am

Love Your Enemies

Love Your Enemies:  Is this a Trick, or a Treat?

Lending to people who won’t pay you back.  Repaying evil with kindness.  Loving those who spit at you and gossip about you.  Who does that, anyways?

According to Jesus:  His followers do.  In fact, he specifically commands us to do it.  The problem is: actually loving your enemies is an absurd way to live.

Maybe that’s the point.  Perhaps it’s the absurdity of that lifestyle that makes following Jesus so attractive to outsiders.

Imagine what would happen if a church set aside all other priorities, and began loving (in tangible ways) people who couldn’t give a hill of beans about us?  How would that reverberate within our community?  What would become of us?

Love your enemies is probably the least followed command that Jesus gave to us.   It’s also one on which the core of Christianity rests.  Set this one aside, and the whole thing falls like a house of cards.


It’ll take a bit to explain that.   Come this Sunday, and we’ll talk about the toughest job you’ll ever love.

See you in worship!   – Pastor Mac

What Do You Fear?

f40110ce-3a85-4575-b720-4934b45b7359Living Without Fear

What do you fear?

Spiders are a popular answer, ditto for snakes.   For my parents generation, fear is all about losing independence.   For people running deep in debt, fear comes in the mailbox each day.  There are plenty of things that cause fear and doubt in our lives.

God shouldn’t be a source of fear, but sometimes we worry nonetheless.   If you came into God’s presence today, would you be fearful about meeting Him?

John told his friends in Ephesus that they could live without fear if they lived lives that were “just like Jesus”.   What does that mean for us?   Come this Sunday and we’ll explore that.

See you in worship!   – Pastor Mac

Litmus Test 


Remember these things?  

My science teacher Mr Perry introduced our class to them back when we were in the 8th grade.  Litmus paper changes color based on the acidity (or lack of it) in a liquid.  It’s a great test, not only because of the neat color change, but because the results are unmistakable.  Red for acid, blue for base.

The apostle John is just as definitive when he talks about what marks people as followers of Jesus.  They have certain unmistakable traits about them.   They do things that the rest of the world doesn’t do.  These traits define us as Jesus’ disciples.

Sunday we’ll look at the most definitive mark of all:  Loving one another.  Really, really, loving one another.  It’s easier to say than to do (and that’s part of the problem!).

See you in worship!   – Pastor Mac


Choosing What We Love

64bddb01-d521-4ca6-9e6d-02de7cb32148Yankees or Red Sox?  Republicans or Democrats?   The differences are night and day, and everyone knows which side you’re on!   We would never think of splitting our allegiances between opposing teams, or opposing political parties. It would be sacrilege!

Jesus said the same thing about following Him, or following the world.   Choose one!   The Apostle John said:  If you love the world, then the world is where your heart will be, not with Jesus.

This is tough stuff.   Most of us would have to admit that we are pretty heavily invested in this earthly domain.  Myself included!

This Sunday we’ll learn what Jesus wants from us and how to make solid choices as to “which team” we’re supporting.    To make it easy, we’ll have a special guest with us to “take all the heat” on this topic…

See you in worship!

Staying in Jesus’ Footsteps

992fb7cb-5c22-4291-ba81-c7d241da2f64 The expression is haunting… the eyes of the master say it all:  Are you coming with me?  Are you ready to begin walking in my footsteps?

This week we tackle part 2 of the series: “Walking in the Light” with a look at  keeping God’s commands.   It’s a     challenging situation for many folks:  If we’re redeemed by the cross, then what does it matter if we follow the rules?   Jesus will bail us out, no matter what!   Well, that’s not quite how it all works…

Sunday we’ll do our best to understand what it means to follow in Jesus’ footsteps throughout our days.   See you in worship!

Prophet? Teacher? Storyteller? Who is Jesus, anyways?


Get ready for a brand new series called “Walking in the Light”, beginning this Sunday.  We’ll follow the writings of the Apostle John as he gives sage advice to people who were trying to do just what we’re trying to do:  Follow Jesus.  John starts by answering a question that seems simple:  “Who is Jesus?”   It seems that sometimes we can lose the basics… and John wants to be sure we have a good foundation in our faith!   Come this Sunday as we try to give solid answers to that age old  question:  “Who is Jesus?”

Squeaky Wheel Faith – Blind Bart receives sight.



Ahh, those people that won’t stop talking…  Bartimeaus (Mark 10:46-52) was one of them.  Everyone tells him to just shut up and sit quietly!  Except for Jesus.  Jesus stops and heals Bart, telling him: “Your faith has healed you.”  What does this beggar understand about Faith?  Apparently more than the disciples do!  We’ll learn about having a Bartimeaus’ kind of “Squeaky Wheel Faith” this Sunday!

How’s your “faith pressure”?


We all have ideas about what measures a living, vital faith.    Some say it’s all about prayer.  Others say it has more to do with time spent in God’s word.  For my part, I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with church attendance…  :-)

Jesus’ half brother (James) had a different idea altogether.   He said that if you REALLY want to measure someone’s faith, you need to look at their hands.   Are they busy serving others?   Does the work of their hands match the faith they proclaim to have?

James’ pragmatic definition of faith doesn’t fit well with our modern culture, which constantly espouses “You are what you feel you are.”

Then again, most of the gospel doesn’t play well with the ways of the world.

So…  how’s YOUR faith pressure?

Come find out in worship this Sunday!  – Pastor Mac

What’s Your Code?

16f4af1f-0c47-4f6a-98f8-4ba81eb67bd5What Code Do You Live By?

How are Jesus’ followers supposed to live their lives?   Should we avoid certain things everyone thinks of as “morally wrong”?  Who makes those decisions?  Years ago it was considered “wrong” for women to have a role in the church, yet I’ve met some fantastic women pastors!  What “codes” do we go by, as we try to follow Jesus?


The book of Ephesians contains what was known as “household codes”, written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Ephesus.  They were meant to guide the new Christians in their day to day living.   They are remarkably relevant to us as well!

Come this Sunday as we explore the “Christian Code” that governs our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

See you Sunday!

– Pastor Mac