40 Days – The Purpose of Prayer

The image above was snapped on United Airlines Flight 1175, as it was flying to Hawaii.   The passengers heard a loud bang, followed by a violent shaking of the aircraft.   A peek out the window revealed the starboard engine losing large pieces from its cowling.  (Video footage here) The plane shook again and again as huge shards of… Read More ›

Spiritual Maturity, Personal Growth, And Dilly Dilly.

The words “Dilly Dilly” have no literal meaning.   Irregardless, a popular beverage company has coined the phrase and made it wildly popular in only a matter of months.   Now you hear “Dilly Dilly” everywhere you go.  Welcome to the power of modern advertising. Back when I was in high school the coolest thing to do on a Friday… Read More ›

FEAR NOT – Facing Life With Courage

We’ve got a Super Sunday coming up!  After worship we’ll share a wonderful potluck meal together.  Our Annual Meeting follows, with some important discussions and a vote to purchase a new lift or ramp system.  It’s also the first Sunday of the month, so we’ll be celebrated the Lord’s Supper together! This Sunday also wraps up our series… Read More ›

FEAR NOT – Facing Life With Courage

We all have things that frighten us, and we’re all pretty good at avoiding having to confront our fears.  For example: You’ll never find me keeping a pet tarantula in my office!   (Though no doubt it would thrill the kids from day care who make a weekly field trip to check on my goldfish aquarium!) REJECTION rates… Read More ›