Would people say you’re a patient person?

The weatherman says it’ll be 90 degrees on Sunday.  Woohoo!   Bring it on!   I love Summer worship with the windows flung open… the praise pouring out, God’s perfect creation pouring in! We’re ready for the heat & sunshine.  The rainy weather has really tried our patience as of late.  But it’s not only the weather… Read More ›

Good deeds. Bad deeds. Dirty deeds!

Good deeds. Bad deeds. Dirty deeds! In the great scheme of Eternity, do our deeds really matter? Jesus seemed to think so. He was constantly doing good (extraordinarily good!) deeds as he traveled from town to town. If we’re following Jesus’ example then we probably should be doing some as well. The question is… where… Read More ›

It’s Mother’s Day!

(Well, almost!) This Sunday we’ll honor all the women in our church, as well as dig into “Finding Joy in Humility”.  Paul has some good advice for us on how to imitate Christ by walking humbly with one another.   Don’t miss it! ~ Pastor Mac Strengthen your investment in Christ… Read Philippians 2:1-11 before Sunday morning!… Read More ›

Time to Celebrate…

Time to Celebrate… “I thought the music was really great!”   “I prayed that my friends would come and they did!”  “I saw a lot of new faces on Sunday.” Those are just some of the comments I’ve heard about our Easter worship.   It really felt good to have all of you reaching out… Read More ›

Looking Forward to Easter…

The basket of spices.  The angel dressed in snow-white robes.   The grave cloths folded neatly where Jesus’ body was laid.   People running to and fro. That morning was certainly a day like no other. We know how it ends of course.   Jesus has risen.   His Father has given Him new life…. Read More ›

Looking towards the weekend!

It’s Palm Sunday! Why oh why does Jesus do this stuff?!   In one event he goes from an ‘incognito ministry’ (he was often warning people not to reveal who had healed them)  to this all out promotion extravaganza, complete with waving palms, cheering crowds, and a march into the Holy City? Jesus’ sudden change has got… Read More ›

Dealing with the ‘other guy’

Forgiveness is easy, right?   You just hold out that proverbial olive branch and it’s all good.  If only it was that simple! This Sunday we’ll dig into the story of Jacob and Esau… a story filled with deceit & treachery.   How their long-standing conflict gets resolved is a magnificent clue as to how our story… Read More ›

Brrr! It’s gonna be cold!

The weather guy says that by this weekend we’ll be back into the deep freeze. I really enjoyed that 50 degree sunshine we had on Wednesday, but I’m not looking forward to -15 wind chills on Sunday! You know what’s really chilly? Family relationships where forgiveness hasn’t been offered. Have you ever been in a… Read More ›