Is God Ever On Strike?….

Admit it… Sometimes it seems like our prayers are just lost in space.   We’ve all had times where we wondered what’s up with unanswered prayers:  Is God listening?  Is He angry at me?  Did I pray for the wrong thing?  Am I last on His list? WHY DOESN’T GOD ANSWER?! Perhaps we’ve been going… Read More ›

Hey Levi… Follow Me!

Finally, a snow free weekend is on the way!  Woohoo! This Sunday we’re taking a look at Jesus as he called his first disciples.   Jesus didn’t score any points with the church of that day when he called a scoundrel named Levi to follow him.  Many folks really thought Jesus had lost it when… Read More ›

Shovel, worship, shovel…..

That seems to be the pattern this week!   Fortunately the weatherman is promising clear skies for Sunday morning.  Not so much for Sunday night into Monday… the early forecast speaks of blizzard conditions on their way!  Yikes! I’m glad to know that we’ll have time to gather in worship this Sunday, because this week… Read More ›

Living with Hope…

The dictionary defines hope this way:  “to cherish a desire with anticipation; to desire with the expectation of fulfillment.” Hope is indispensable.  Without hope we’re stuck with a vision of life that is little more than an observation of our current conditions.   If the winds are favorable (good job, good health), we are happy…. Read More ›

We have a busy time ahead!

Come tonight for a potluck meal and an evening of challenging Team Trivia.  Bring a friend!   (Kids are welcome, we have a special activity planned for the young ones!) This Sunday we’ll dig back into Romans 8…  the critical chapter that brings everything into focus for Christians.  Do you ever struggle with temptation? Come and hear Paul’s best advice on… Read More ›

Book of Romans

The Book of Romans:  Paul’s hand written ‘Owners Manual’ for the early Christians in Rome.  It’s all here: Sin, Grace, Death, Resurrection, New Life… Romans 8 has often been called ‘the core’ of understanding for our faith.   It begins with a declaration of absolute forgiveness, then digs in deep to describe the life of… Read More ›

We all need priorities in life. What are yours?

We all need priorities…  It’s how we keep our life in order.   Imagine living even a single day without them.  What would you do first?  Eat breakfast?  Go to work?  Put on your shoes?     We are constantly setting priorities… even when we don’t realize it! Following Jesus also means setting priorities.  … Read More ›

Mary… I’ve got something to tell you.

That’s pretty much sums up the introduction of the greatest news in history, news that changed Mary’s life in a heartbeat.   Nine months later that news would change the life of every person ever born, including yours and mine (though only a few shepherds knew it at the time!). The angel informing Mary of… Read More ›