Do you smell like Christ?

A Question for you on this rainy Friday morning… How can Jesus’ followers attain a life that is distinctly Christian… while still being engaged with the world around us?  How can we give off the aroma of Christ… while living in a world that can be pretty stinky at times? Is it that even possible? This… Read More ›

Have you taken the plunge?

Baptism!   It’s important.   Baptism is how people say:  “I’ve decided to follow Jesus.” No one is quite sure where baptism got started.  What we do know is that John the Baptist was splashing lots of people into the Jordan River as a sign of repentance when Jesus suddenly showed up and said: “Me, too” John… Read More ›

Are you ready for the big question?

This Sunday we’re wrapping up our series on Responsibility with a question:  What are our responsibilities to Jesus… and how will we respond when He ‘calls in our accounts’? That’s a bigger question than it seems!  We like to think that following Jesus consists mostly of trusting Him and ‘keeping our noses clean’.  But there’s… Read More ›