Is God Ever On Strike?….

Admit it… Sometimes it seems like our prayers are just lost in space.   We’ve all had times where we wondered what’s up with unanswered prayers:  Is God listening?  Is He angry at me?  Did I pray for the wrong thing?  Am I last on His list? WHY DOESN’T GOD ANSWER?! Perhaps we’ve been going… Read More ›

Hey Levi… Follow Me!

Finally, a snow free weekend is on the way!  Woohoo! This Sunday we’re taking a look at Jesus as he called his first disciples.   Jesus didn’t score any points with the church of that day when he called a scoundrel named Levi to follow him.  Many folks really thought Jesus had lost it when… Read More ›

Shovel, worship, shovel…..

That seems to be the pattern this week!   Fortunately the weatherman is promising clear skies for Sunday morning.  Not so much for Sunday night into Monday… the early forecast speaks of blizzard conditions on their way!  Yikes! I’m glad to know that we’ll have time to gather in worship this Sunday, because this week… Read More ›