I am Groot, Who is Jesus

Last Sunday afternoon as Diane and I were buzzing down 295 on the scooter we spotted a shiny new car with this license plate: IMGROOT. We both laughed out loud!   That plate told us something about the driver.   He was obviously a movie fan (click here if you’re really confused), and apparently possessed a great sense of… Read More ›

Discover the difference between being a ‘Christian’ and being a ‘Disciple’!

‘Disciple’ and ‘Christian’ are words that get tossed around quite a bit.    For years now the church (meaning the entire church… all churches everywhere) has used those words pretty much interchangeably. Some say that we’ve gotten way off track.   They say the church has messed up by spending the last 50 years making Christians, but not Disciples.      What’s more, there’s an effort underfoot… Read More ›

So does Hell really exist…

Hell has become a rare word in 21st century churches.   So called ‘Seeker churches’ (those where the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself sing) often avoid subjects that could depress the mood.  Traditional churches (regrettably) don’t do much better with this controversial topic. And yet… Jesus spoke a great deal about Hell.  Indeed, he spoke more about Hell… Read More ›

“What’s in Your Wallet?: Jesus on Money”

Someone once said:  “Opinions are like belly buttons… everyone has one.” That’s true.  My bookshelf is overloaded with books about discipleship, religion, and a host of other topics.   With so many opinions on what it takes to follow Jesus… where should we turn?   To the source, of course! On Sunday we’ll be kicking off a… Read More ›