Jesus said we should hunger and thirst for Righteousness. What is righteousness, anyways? And do I really have to hunger for it?

The Beatitudes…  what a powerful pronouncement of God’s love for you!   They’re what scholars call a “Golden Chain”: If you’re poor in spirit –  then you’re naturally going to mourn that condition. If you mourn your (sinful) condition – then you’re going to feel meek (or gentle) before God. With all that going on in your heart, you’re going to want things… Read More ›

What makes you blessed?

This evening I arrived home around 5:45, just as the sun was setting.   I parked the scooter in the shed and shivered all the way to the front door.   When I got inside I discovered the temperature had already fallen to 52 degrees.   Subtract a 40mph wind chill, and it turns out I… Read More ›

Are you truly blessed? How do you know?

Everyone loves a blessing.  “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow” was a tune many of us sang years ago as the offering plate was carried up the aisle.   The idea was that we were returning a portion of God’s blessings back to Him each week through our tithes and offerings. Blessings from God are often… Read More ›