Everyone needs something to hold on to in dangerous times…


Rehab ran a “house of ill repute” in Jericho around the time the Israelites were coming to knock the city down.  Her business was booming, but when two spies showed up at her door she quickly realized that things were taking a turn for the worse.

What Rahab did next had a big effect on the future of God’s people.   It also saved her and her family.   A little piece of scarlet rope turned out to be her life line!

What’s your life line when dangerous times come knocking?   Will it be strong enough to hold you?   Let’s talk about Hope in difficult days!

See you this Sunday at 9am!  – Pastor Mac

Be brilliant!  Read Joshua 2 before Sunday…

PS:  Rahab the prostitute was Jesus’ great, great, great, great… step-grandmother; an inconvenient fact that has put a twist in the knickers of stuffy biblical scholars for over 2000 years!  (Read the genealogy in Matthew 1). It just goes to show you that God can use the most unlikely people for His purposes… even us!  🙂