Have you taken the plunge?

c26905e7-ec0e-4689-8c99-4de7a1813bcfBaptism!   It’s important.   Baptism is how people say:  “I’ve decided to follow Jesus.”

No one is quite sure where baptism got started.  What we do know is that John the Baptist was splashing lots of people into the Jordan River as a sign of repentance when Jesus suddenly showed up and said: “Me, too”

John wasn’t awfully sure about that… but Jesus insisted that this was where it must all start.   Moments later his family showed up to affirm that Jesus was the real deal…  and Baptism became forever associated with new beginnings in Christ.

Have you been baptized?  It really is important.  We have someone in our midst who will be baptized next month.  See Pastor Mac this Sunday and we can talk about taking this important step in your faith!

And yes… we’ll have a good message as well!

See you Sunday at 10am!