Do you smell like Christ?

60980f81-e58e-4a91-bf68-731f68f35798A Question for you on this rainy Friday morning…

How can Jesus’ followers attain a life that is distinctly Christian… while still being engaged with the world around us?  How can we give off the aroma of Christ… while living in a world that can be pretty stinky at times?

Is it that even possible?

This Sunday we’ll tear into 1st John as we launch a new series called ‘Distinct’.   We’ll discover the Apostle’s instructions for living a Sacred life in an ‘anything goes’ world.   It seems that even way back then it was a challenge to live differently, while still living alongside others!

Is your life ‘distinct’ from your neighbor’s?

Let’s find out how to live distinctively for God.   See you this Sunday at 10am!

Be brilliant!   Click here to read chapter 1 in 1st John.