Ever notice how easy it is to “hide” your faith at times?

60980f81-e58e-4a91-bf68-731f68f35798You’re out with friends who aren’t into the whole ‘church scene’.   Suddenly the conversation turns uncomfortable…  you want to say something to defend your views, but instead you simply smile and nod.  It’s much easier to hide your faith than to speak up and risk being chastised for being ‘old fashioned’.

Here’s the thing:  You can’t live “Distinctly” and not have people notice the difference.   The whole concept of “a private faith” is a myth.  If you’re really living for Jesus, people will know the difference!

Come this Sunday and learn how to take your faith out of the sanctuary and into your Monday thru Saturday world!

See you Sunday!

Be brilliant!    Read ahead!  Click here to read 1st John 3:1-10