One more thing…

We’ve spent the last few weeks learning what it takes to live a Distinct life for Jesus.  So now we’re all set, right?   We’ve got our faith-lives running smoothly.  We’re reading scripture every day.  We’re showing the world that we’re following Jesus.  We’ve got this!

Wait a moment.  The Apostle John said there was still one more thing we needed to do in order to live Distinctly for Jesus.

What’s more… Jesus said that those who didn’t integrate this quality into their lives would find themselves out in the cold when His Kingdom arrived.   Skip this last part of “Living Distinctly” and you’re in dire straights.

What is it that is so critical to our life in Jesus that ignoring it can affect eternity?   Come this week and we’ll finish the puzzle of how to live a Distinct Life for Jesus.

See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Mac