What are you Thankful for this year?

Here we go… plunging toward the highest calorie meal of the entire year.   I recently read an article that linked each item on a typical Thanksgiving table with the distance you’ll need to walk to burn off those calories.   It’s quite sobering, to say the least!

– Glass of Eggnog: 8071 steps
– 1 Cracker with Cheese: 1647 steps  (Just one!)
– 6 oz of Turkey: 8000 steps
– 1/2 cup of Stuffing: 4235 steps
– Slice of Pecan Pie: 11294 steps

Yikes!  Pass the salad, please!

Thanksgiving is more than calories.  It’s a time to say thanks to God.   Thanks for what we have.  Thanks for the ways we’ve seen him move in our lives.  Thanks for his Son.

This Sunday we’ll focus on being thankful people.   You’ll have an opportunity (though it’s not mandatory by any means) to briefly share about blessings you’re thankful for this year.

Join us in giving thanks.   This Sunday at 10am.

Peace ~ Pastor Mac