Mary… I’ve got something to tell you.

089665ca-eddf-4a79-93ed-6b354f66d0fcThat’s pretty much sums up the introduction of the greatest news in history, news that changed Mary’s life in a heartbeat.   Nine months later that news would change the life of every person ever born, including yours and mine (though only a few shepherds knew it at the time!).
The angel informing Mary of her role in God’s plan of Salvation is a magnificent example of something that occurs again & again in scripture:  
God accomplishes great things through ordinary people.    

What’s our part to play in God’s work of restoring Creation?  Do we even have a role?  Or are we called simply to be spectators of God’s redeeming work?   (Hint: The answer may be:  “All of the above”)

All these questions arise as we celebrate the announcement that changed the world forever:  Mary is with child!

Come and help us celebrate things both ancient and new.

See you Sunday!

– Pastor Mac