Christmas is beautiful, but it isn’t always easy…

Christmas-300x216Lights!   I have lots of Christmas lights.   Clear ones, mostly… my wife prefers white lights glowing on the tree.   But I also have my secret stash of colorful bulbs, those big old red and green ones that burn your fingers when you touch them.

Unfortunately they’re all still in our Christmas box, resting in tangled masses.  I haven’t had the time to get them up.  It’s arduous work, climbing up and down ladders to hang Christmas lights.  Maybe this Saturday…

Christmas is beautiful, but it isn’t always easy.

Along that same line:  There’s a reason why there are no bubbly Christmas songs about Joseph.    His is a difficult journey to the stable.   Joseph must make some tough choices to ensure Jesus will come from King David’s family tree.

Following God’s plan is beautiful, but it isn’t always easy.

This Sunday we’ll dig into that other Christmas story…. the one where we see the birth of Jesus through Joseph’s eyes.  It isn’t the easiest journey… but it culminates in a beautiful thing: The birth of the child who’s come to save his people.

Come and help us celebrate things both ancient and new this Advent.

See you Sunday!

– Mac

Be Brilliant!  Read Matthew 1:18-25 by clicking here.