We have a busy time ahead!

c619a601-0da6-4075-bdc4-2222e0638e0eCome tonight for a potluck meal and an evening of challenging Team Trivia.  Bring a friend!   (Kids are welcome, we have a special activity planned for the young ones!)

This Sunday we’ll dig back into Romans 8…  the critical chapter that brings everything into focus for Christians.  Do you ever struggle with temptation? Come and hear Paul’s best advice on the things that tempt our souls, and how to resist them!

We also have more free study guides available for our Small Group / Home Study: 10 Minutes in GENESIS.   Last week we had quite a run on them!   This format is new for us…  a text designed for either Small Group participation or individual study.   Be sure to grab your copy in the Fellowship Hall this Sunday.

Lastly…  I’m hoping to have a special guest joining our Praise Team this week… maybe even two!   As I said… there’s a lot going on these next few days.  See you on Friday; see you on Sunday!

– Pastor Mac