Just between us… how’s that forgiveness thing going?

Nothing brings up more angst than the issue of forgiveness.   It all seems so easy when Jesus does it.  But when it comes to forgiving people who’ve wronged us — friends, relatives, co-workers — it’s not so simple.

This week we’re launching a new series called “Forgiveness“.   Catchy name, huh?   We’ll be digging into some classic moments of strife from both Testaments and see what God’s Word has to teach us about forgiving others.   All this starts with a unique take on Jesus’ most famous parable:  The Prodigal Sons  (Nope, that’s not a misprint!)

Oh yes… we’ll also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper… a symbol of unity among believers and Christ’s forgiveness for your sins.

See you Sunday!  – Pastor Mac

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