Brrr! It’s gonna be cold!

The weather guy says that by this weekend we’ll be back into the deep freeze. I really enjoyed that 50 degree sunshine we had on Wednesday, but I’m not looking forward to -15 wind chills on Sunday!

You know what’s really chilly? Family relationships where forgiveness hasn’t been offered. Have you ever been in a room with two family members who held a grudge against one another? AWKWARD!

The Bible has tons of stories about ‘awkward’ family relationships, including many (but not all!) that were healed by forgiveness. This Sunday we’ll dig deep into the very twisted family story of David and his 2nd son, Absalom, and see what God can teach us about forgiveness in families.

Including, perhaps most importantly, His family.

This Sunday you’ll find smiling greeters and plenty of fresh coffee waiting just outside the sanctuary. We’ll warm you up on the outside… and ask the Holy Spirit to do the same to our insides!

See you Sunday! – Pastor Mac

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