Would people say you’re a patient person?

The weatherman says it’ll be 90 degrees on Sunday.  Woohoo!   Bring it on!   I love Summer worship with the windows flung open… the praise pouring out, God’s perfect creation pouring in!

We’re ready for the heat & sunshine.  The rainy weather has really tried our patience as of late.  But it’s not only the weather that can try our patience.   Coworkers, friends, even people we dearly love can sometimes stretch our patience to the limit.

You’re going to have a hard time in this life without patience.   Would people say that you have ‘Godly patience’, or would they say you need a little help in this area of Christian life?

Come this Sunday and find out what God has to say about patience… and how He may be using certain situations in your life to strengthen ‘Godly Patience’.

See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Mac