“What’s in Your Wallet?: Jesus on Money”

Someone once said:  “Opinions are like belly buttons… everyone has one.”

That’s true.  My bookshelf is overloaded with books about discipleship, religion, and a host of other topics.   With so many opinions on what it takes to follow Jesus… where should we turn?   To the source, of course!

On Sunday we’ll be kicking off a new series called “Jesus Said It!”   All this month we’ll be going straight to the gospels to get Jesus’ instructions for living the life He wants us to live.    Nobody cuts through the fog of religion like Jesus does!

This Sunday:  “What’s in Your Wallet?:  Jesus on Money”

Did you know that Jesus spoke more often about Money than any other topic, including Love!   How we use our wealth was of great concern to him.  Are you using your wealth in a way that worships God?

Come find out what Jesus really said about money!   This Sunday at 10am.

See you in church!  ~ Pastor Mac

Get more out of Worship…
Read Matthew 6:19-24 before Sunday morning!