So does Hell really exist…

Hell has become a rare word in 21st century churches.   So called ‘Seeker churches’ (those where the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself sing) often avoid subjects that could depress the mood.  Traditional churches (regrettably) don’t do much better with this controversial topic.

And yet… Jesus spoke a great deal about Hell.  Indeed, he spoke more about Hell than any other person in scripture.

So does Hell really exist… or is it (as some say) a creation of the church, designed to keep people faithful for fear of eternal punishment?  What’s more: if Hell is real, how do we stay out of it?

This month we’re working in a series called “Jesus Said It”, examining the master’s teachings about important topics in our faith.   Come find out what Jesus really said about Hell.   This Sunday at 10am.

See you in church!  ~ Pastor Mac