I am Groot, Who is Jesus

Last Sunday afternoon as Diane and I were buzzing down 295 on the scooter we spotted a shiny new car with this license plate: IMGROOT.

We both laughed out loud!   That plate told us something about the driver.   He was obviously a movie fan (click here if you’re really confused), and apparently possessed a great sense of humor as well!

Understanding a driver simply by reading their license plate is fun.

But understanding who Jesus is through his own words is more than just trivia… it’s vitally important to our faith, both present and future.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s great that we’ve spent this month learning his teachings on discipleship, prayer, and even on Hell.   Jesus was a great teacher.     But who is He, really?   What are his credentials?  What did he say about himself?  And how does that change US?

Jesus’ true identity, revealed.   It’s all on for (you guessed it) this Sunday at 10am.

See you in church!  ~ Mac

Be Brilliant!  Read ahead in Matthew 14:22-33