Is Following Jesus Helping or Hurting You?

Some folks revel in their relationship with Jesus.   Others find it tedious.    So which is it for you?   Do you find following Jesus a joy, or is it a chore?  Be honest… this is just between us!

You might be surprised how many people would say: “a chore”.  Especially so in private company.

For some, the act of worship (or prayer, or reading the Bible) is an absolute drudgery.   You can see it in their faces on Sunday morning.   You can tell by the way they walk into the sanctuary.   They honestly love Jesus… but following Him is a daily chore.

If you feel like Jesus is a chore (like church is more about saying and doing everything you’re expected to say and do, rather than about celebrating), you’re not alone.

People living in first century Rome thought the same thing.    They thought that making Jesus happy was all about how well they behaved.  What’s more, they thought that going over their lives with a fine toothed comb on a daily basis was the only way to stay on God’s good side.

All of which I suspect generally made them a bit miserable to be around, I suspect!

If your relationship with Jesus has become a bit of a drudgery… then this Sunday’s message from the Apostle Paul is for you.   Read ahead if you’d like… I don’t mind spoilers!

See you in worship!

– Pastor Mac