Is God’s Message still Relevant?

There were some incredible science stories that broke this week, not the least of which was as story about the Voyager 1 space probe, laughed 40 years ago this Wednesday.  That amazing piece of 1970’s technology is still sending us data and photographs from the edge of the solar system… on its way into deep space.  Unbelievable!

Some people insist that the Bible (especially Genesis) becomes less relevant with each passing year.  They say that we don’t need a bunch of dusty old stories about the universe… we’ve  got the tools to figure it out for ourselves.  An all powerful God creating the earth out of nothingness… pish tosh!

So just show does God’s story fit In the age of science?  Or does it fit at all?  How can Genesis 1 inform us about the world, even today?

Come Sunday and we’ll explore the question:  Is God’s story still important?