Storm Proofing Your Life!

Amidst all the celebration last Sunday we began an informative new series called “Storm Proofing Your Life”.    With all the hurricanes flying around the Atlantic it seemed an appropriate title.  Of course, our life-storms aren’t like those low pressure systems.  They don’t come with any warning.  They descend upon us in a heartbeat.

This Sunday we’ll peek into the New Testament to answer the question:  How can I survive the storm when it hits?   Because it’s one thing to prepare yourself for a storm… it’s a whole different thing to actually ‘hang on’ through those difficult days when everything seems against us.   We’ll see what Jesus has to say about that!

In the meantime… we’ve got a MAGIC SHOW for kids and adults coming up tonight!   This is a free event.  Come along at 6:30 and grab a snack before the show starts at 7:00.   Be sure to invite a friend, a grandchild, or a neighbor!  See below for more info.

And oh yes… we’re going apple picking at noon this Sunday!   I hope you can join us!

Don’t forget to ask Kim Walker what you can do to help make our Disaster Relief Supper (Sept 30th) a success.  We need your help.  All proceeds will go to help those who have lost so much in the storms.

Love, Pray, Serve… Together.

See you soon – Pastor Mac