Are you truly blessed? How do you know?

Everyone loves a blessing.  “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow” was a tune many of us sang years ago as the offering plate was carried up the aisle.   The idea was that we were returning a portion of God’s blessings back to Him each week through our tithes and offerings.

Blessings from God are often assumed to be linked to financial prosperity.

Yet when Jesus talks about people who are blessed, things get a little freaky.   If you’re poor in spirit, Jesus says you’re blessed.   Ditto if you’re mourning.  Winners in life aren’t mentioned… but rather it’s the meek who receive the honors.

What’s going on here?   How is it that people who seem such losers (by most societal measures) go to the top of the ‘Blessed” roster?

Sunday we’ll begin a new series on the Beatitudes… those wonderful and yet mysterious blessings that Jesus pronounces as He kicks off His most famous message, The Sermon on the Mount.   Come find out what it means to be truly blessed!

See you soon – Pastor Mac

(Read Mt 5:1-11 here if you want to get ahead.   The Holman Christian Standard Version does an excellent job at accurately translating the text)