The meek win the day? Tell that to the NFL!

Here we go again.  Another one of Jesus’ blessings that doesn’t make much sense.   Anyone who has followed big business, big sports, big ANYTHING knows that meek is out and power is the way to go.   You have to wield powerto get ahead.   You have to have power in order to win.   That’s true in auto racing, it’s true in the boardroom, it’s true just about everywhere you look.

So how can we read the words “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land” with a straight face?   Surely this is an idea that’s past its prime.

Or not.

Let’s uncover how being ‘meek’ can actually make you a stronger person, as well as a better Christian.  Jesus’ brother James even said that practicing gentleness can save your soul (or something like that!).   There just might be some blessing to this meekness thing, after all…

This Saturday Diane and I are hopping on the scooter and headed for NH for a few hours to see the beautiful foliage.   Probably lots of you are doing the same this weekend.  I encourage you to take an hour out on Sunday morning to come worship the One who made both you and the leaves.   He’s well worth our time and our praise.

See you soon – Pastor Mac

(Read Mt 5:1-11 here if you want to get ahead.   The Holman Christian Standard Version does an excellent job at accurately translating the text)