Jesus said we should hunger and thirst for Righteousness. What is righteousness, anyways? And do I really have to hunger for it?

The Beatitudes…  what a powerful pronouncement of God’s love for you!   They’re what scholars call a “Golden Chain”:

If you’re poor in spirit –  then you’re naturally going to mourn that condition.

If you mourn your (sinful) condition – then you’re going to feel meek (or gentle) before God.

With all that going on in your heart, you’re going to want things to get better.   You’re going to hunger and thirst for righteousness.

See how it goes?  It’s a chain.  One blessing links to another.

Poor, mourn gentle… those are words we use all the time.
But Righteousness is a word we don’t use in everyday conversation.    What can Righteousness do for me?  Will I be any better off with it than without it?    Should I make it a priority in my faith, or can I just put it on my ‘someday’ list, along with shampooing the rug and tuning up the snowblower (which I’ll probably have to do any day now, once this warm spell passes!).

Jesus seemed to say that having a hunger and a thirst for Righteousness was vital… it was a condition to receiving a full plate of God’s rich blessings.   I’m all for that!   Let’s gather together and dig into the Word to find out what it’s all about.  This Sunday at 10am.

See you soon!  – Pastor Mac

(Read Mt 5:1-11 here if you want to get ahead.   The Holman Christian Standard Version does an excellent job at accurately translating the text