Communion Sunday

This Sunday is Communion Sunday, our monthly celebration of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.    We Baptists only celebrate two Sacraments… can you name the other one?

The original Lord’s Supper signified that Jesus’ death would be more than what it seemed, that this ‘one man dying‘ would open the floodgates of God’s mercy for Jesus’ followers.  Mercy in the form of forgiveness for sins.   A multitude of people (including you and I) suddenly had access to the Kingdom of God, thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice.

Before we eat the Bread and drink the Cup this Sunday we’ll dig into Jesus’ words:  “The merciful are blessed”.    How can we practice mercy in our daily life?    Practicing mercy is important…  Jesus said that the amount of Mercy we’ll receive is proportional to the amount we have given to others.

How’s your Mercy Quotient?  Let’s talk!

See you soon!  – Pastor Mac

PS:  Would you like to stretch your “mercy muscles” a bit this week?   Come to the Pizza and Packing Party on Saturday at 6pm.   We’ll have a lot of fun eating pizza & packing shoeboxes to send to kids who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

(Read Mt 5:1-11 here if you want to get ahead.   The Holman Christian Standard Version does an excellent job at accurately translating the text)