It’s the most wonderful time…

Here we go, plunging into all the busyness of the Season!   So much is happening in the life of our congregation this week.   We’ll be celebrating our first annual Christmas Sweater Contest this Sunday.   We’ll vote on who has the ugliest (or the nicest, your choice) sweater.   A Dunks gift card will go to the winner!

On Wednesday night the fabulous Maine Pops Concert Band will be here for a night of Christmas music.   Come on out and please bring a friend or neighbor with you.    The concert is free.  We’ll pass the hat to benefit the Root Cellar in Portland.

Wait… where’s Jesus in all this?   Don’t worry, a great message is in store for Sunday morning.   How does Jesus fulfill the prophecy “He will be called… Mighty God”?   Jesus seems pretty fragile lying there in the manger.   Is he the Messiah that Israel was expecting?  Is He the ‘Mighty God’ you need in your life?  Let’s talk!

Sunday’s Message:  “Jesus as Messiah – Mighty or Mellow?”

See you soon ~ Pastor Mac

Go deeper in Christ.  Read Ahead:  Isaiah 9:1-7