Say the word “Peace” and you’ve spoken volumes.   Peace means many things to us.   It signifies a lack of stress, an end to conflict, and a serene state of mind.  Lives change for the better when people discover the peace they’ve been searching for.
Christmas is the season when we anticipate the coming of the Prince of Peace. Peace is one of the four names of God’s promised Messiah, that bundle of joy in the manger that is both crumb-cruncher and Infinite Being all wrapped up in one.

Finding peace through Jesus’ presence is vital to Christians. Like our secular  neighbors we often try to manufacture peace, instead of receiving it as a gift.   This messes with God’s plan for us, and generally leaves us without the Peace we were searching for in our lives.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the Prince of Peace and discover what makes Jesus’ peace so different from all the rest.
This Sunday’s Message:  “Finding Real Peace In Your Life”
Bonus Question for Today:  On a scale of 1-10 (with ten being the best) how would you rate your level of peace right now?

See you Sunday! ~ Pastor Mac

Go deeper in Christ.  Read Ahead:  Isaiah 9:1-7