Even our cats know it’s cold!

Our cats (especially the black and white one) love to beg at the front door.   They desperately want to explore the world outside.   We don’t let them – they are indoor cats – but that doesn’t stop them from trying to sneak out whenever they see an opportunity.

Except for this week.

We haven’t heard so much as a single ‘meow’ at the door these past few days.   Our Maine Coon stays close the pellet stove all day, and Stella won’t set foot anywhere near the front hallway.  Alas, even our four-footed friends know how bitter it is outside!

It’ll take more than a cold snap to keep us from worshipping and enjoying each others company this Sunday.   We’re having an Indoor BBQ / Pot Luck Dinner right after church, with plenty of great food to go around.   Don’t worry about the temps… I’ll be at the church early to throw an extra log on the fire and make sure the sanctuary is all warmed up.

See you this Sunday for some great year-end worship.

~  Pastor Mac