FEAR NOT – Facing Life With Courage

We all have things that frighten us, and we’re all pretty good at avoiding having to confront our fears.  For example: You’ll never find me keeping a pet tarantula in my office!   (Though no doubt it would thrill the kids from day care who make a weekly field trip to check on my goldfish aquarium!)

REJECTION rates highly on the list of things we all fear.   “Will they like me?”  We want others to accept us.   Sometimes we go to great lengths to meet the expectations of others around us.  How many dumb things did we do in high school to ‘fit in’  with our friends?

Coping with our Fear of Rejection by living for the opinion of others is not a healthy lifestyle.  We quickly become dependent on what others think of us.  Our moods fall and rise with every dinner invitation, every compliment or critique, even the number of ‘Likes’ we receive on Facebook.

What does Jesus say about Rejection?   Where (as Christians) does our true worth actually come from?   How can we conquer this fear and move ahead in faith and life?

Come this Sunday as we jump into part two of our series:
Fear Not!  Facing Life With Courage.

This week:  Facing Rejection

See you Sunday!  ~  Pastor Mac

Read Ahead: Proverbs 29:25