Spiritual Maturity, Personal Growth, And Dilly Dilly.

The words “Dilly Dilly” have no literal meaning.   Irregardless, a popular beverage company has coined the phrase and made it wildly popular in only a matter of months.   Now you hear “Dilly Dilly” everywhere you go.  Welcome to the power of modern advertising.

Back when I was in high school the coolest thing to do on a Friday night was to show up at a party (often held at an abandoned slate quarry) with a large quantity of beer to share. Today I’m not a huge fan of malt beverages, though occasionally I’ll have one with my dinner.  Take it or leave it, It’s no big deal. Certainly not like it was in the days of my youth.

We all know that we’re supposed to mature as we get older.   That goes for our faith in Christ as well.   The Bible teaches that healthy Christians must strive to mature in their faith.  We shouldn’t look and act the same way year in and year out.  We’re supposed to change for the better.

This Sunday we’re starting a new series called “40 Days of Prayer”.   It’s patterned after a series created by Saddleback Church.  The purpose is to help us grow into spiritually mature adults…  something that’s increasingly rare in the world today.   Along the way we’ll discover how to have a rich prayer life.  Good prayer practices are essential to living as spiritually mature Christians.

I’m looking forward to starting this 40 day journey with you.  There’s a lot of good teaching ahead, and some fun moments as well.  Today more than ever the world needs to see what real maturity in Christ looks like.   I’ll hope you’ll join us.

See you this Sunday!  ~  Pastor Mac

Jump to the head of the class:  Read Hebrews 6:1