Who We Are?

Welcome!  Worship at 10am

Who are we?
We’re a group of regular people who come together to worship, share friendships, and grow in our faith.  Our faith community includes laborers, teachers, executives, programmers, students… you name it.  Some of us our new in our faith journey… some have been following God for many decades.  All of us are still learning and growing in our walk.

Wait a minute!  Aren’t Baptists a bit radical?
A few are.  We’re not!   Our church is associated with the American Baptist Churches USA, the same group that Rev. Martin Luther King was a member of.  ABC-USA is a very diverse association with over 5500 churches in the United States & Puerto Rico.  Falmouth Baptist Church pursues love… not division.


Core Values

  • The Bible is God’s word for humanity.
  • God is known most fully through his son, Jesus Christ.
  • People need to connect to God to live fully.
  • Church is both a refuge and a launching pad.  We gather to center ourselves on God, we disperse to live lives that are changed through God.
  • God always seeks to be in relationship with people.
  • Loving God means serving people.  You cannot do the former without the latter.
  • Church is a place of welcome… not judgement.



West Falmouth Baptist Church began as a small group of people who “came together to worship” in 1829.  Ten years later this group had grown large enough to warrant building a church on Mountain Road in Falmouth.  The original church building still stands today, though it has been through many renovations and expansions over the past two centuries.

In 2010 the sanctuary underwent extensive remodeling to make it more contemporary.  Gone are the old half-walls that divided the clergy from the people.  Red carpet gave way to earth-tones, and a new platform was constructed to make room for the growing number of musicians in the Praise Team.  A drop-down screen allows for praise choruses and message illustrations to be projected.  The new sanctuary retains a bit of the feel of a traditional New England church…  but without the limitations.


Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs are simple ones based in God’s word.  We are convinced that:

God Loves People:
God’s very nature is Love… not hate.   This is the bedrock of everything else we know and do.

We are Called To Love God:
Worship is loving God.  The command to ‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ (Matthew 22:37)  sums up how we are to embrace God in this lifetime.

We are Called To Love People:
‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’  (Matthew 22:39).

Following God means Serving Others:
The Hebrew word for Worship also means Service.  We can learn about God, pray to God, and sing songs about God, but all that is just smoke and mirrors if we’re not serving those in need.


Mission Statement:

To reach out in love, to encourage and make disciples of Jesus Christ.